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John Thornton with his product Irish BioSaltThe Irish Heart Foundation has published research evidence implicating excessive salt use with serious health problems, and according to the World Health Organization almost everyone is getting twice to three times their daily requirement!

Today, our sodium intake accounts for 63% of all cardio related health problems & 56% of all cardio related hospital admissions.

Medical conditions such as hypertension & high blood pressure leading to stroke & heart attack are the main adverse effects of too much salt in our diet today.

Irish BioSalt has been developed by John Thornton, an engineer that has turned to nutrition to produce a new maximum flavour, low sodium salt alternative. John’s innovation permitted the use of Kelp seaweed to his original alternative to traditional table salt.

Irish BioSalt Background

Irish BioSalt started with the idea of utilizing local seaweed in the mainstream food industry.

Research indicates that consumers are demanding healthier food alternatives, but only if certain purchasing criteria were met. Price, taste, convenience & Irish made are some of the purchasing drivers.
A food product which had high useage was needed to be a good carrier of the seaweed. The product chosen was ordinary salt. A number of factors led research to this choice.

This presented an opportunity to make a unique product; the combination of low sodium salt with local seaweed. This advantage of the obvious market gap was contrasted by the technical challenges entailed in making a salt/seaweed product that tasted the same as ordinary salt & had a comparable price.

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